Coach Joey

Crossfit L1 Certification


Move your body, lift your body, try hard things. That has always been a main focal point in my life, and it is something I strive to help others achieve. Being a multi-sport athlete throughout my life; being able to move your body and feel good about it was always something I valued. Starting in 2013 my life transitioned to not only focusing on myself and my personal achievements but how I can help others achieve theirs. Over the last 10 years it has been my goal to help others gain strength, mobility,  and confidence in what their body can achieve. Being physically fit is not about how much weight you can lift, or how long you can run, or how hard you can push yourself. Being physically fit is being able to live your life functionally, not being hindered by your capacity to move, and being able to lift your body for the longevity of your life. Since becoming a Crossfit coach, that has been my goal, to help others become physically fit.