Coach Doug

Crossfit L1 Certification


Clearly I am fairly new to serious health and fitness as my journey is still in its early stages. We cajuns know and love our food! I am a Louisiana transplant and have been in Houston almost 13 years. I have a B.S and M.S in Geology and Geophysics and made my way west to follow my career. I have been a big dude all of my adult life and having a sedentary job with new endless cuisine options and bad habits made me about as immovable as the sedimentary rocks I studied. By the time I was closing in on freaking 500#, I started getting scared. I eventually cleaned up my diet and made my way to 24 hr fitness enough to drop over 100#. I stalled out however, as I had no real passion for trying to be healthy. It felt boring and I had enough health issues improve that I lost the fire to continue. Crossfit was always around, and I knew friends who did it, but it did not seem like the place for this fat boy…..I mean have you SEEN some of these athletes?!?!? Well I eventually got curious enough to look into it. I called a couple of boxes near me for info and was pretty underwhelmed. In my waning days of my search however, I came across it: Crossfit IGNEOUS! This was a sign right?! A gym named after one of the rock families I dedicated my career to. I called Matt the next day, and that 3 minute convo was all I needed. Going to meet him the next day was a formality. He was so interested in helping me that I knew if this was how he ran his gym, I had found a home. My unfairly HIGH expectations from the conversation were quickly blown away. The coaches, people, and culture are unmatched. I quickly began to move and feel better. A lot of “life” has happened in the last 3 years, and I was very inconsistent with being able to make it into the gym, but the passion only grew. If I could do this, then EVERYBODY can. I found myself recording and getting very critical with analyzing how I move, always wanting to improve. It wasn’t long before both Matt and Cody started pushing me to get crossfit educated. I went for my L1 last February and followed with the L2 in November. Wanting to better myself and possibly being able to help others has become a passion on par with my career at this point. So if you see me watching you lift, I promise I am not a creeper! I am learning how we all uniquely move and finding ways to better myself and anyone in my class as we navigate our unique fitness journeys.