Coach Cori

Crossfit L1 Certification


My fitness journey has actually been all over the place! For starters, I was a collegiate volleyball player at Texas State University. Once that chapter of my life had come to a close I knew I still needed something to keep me active and harness that competitive spirit. Olympic lifting and CrossFit came in to my life right around the same time, and I have never looked back.

I graduated from Texas State University May of 2017 with a bachelors in Exercise Sports Science and NASM personal training certification. I have competed at a high level in Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit competitions, and an NFF bikini competition. I believe fitness is a love language and it benefits people to try as many different avenues as possible until you find what ignites you.
My love for coaching stems from my desire to watch people achieve more than they thought possible. To be able to see an obstacle in the way and learn how to overcome it. At igneous you get the chance to conquer yourself daily and I am honored to be a key part of that process.