Cody Collins

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I bought my house in Tomball a few years ago. On a daily basis I drove by the Crossfit Igneous gym considering stopping by and getting back into shape. My history of “working out” consisted of training and completing one sprint distance Triathlon. The triathlon was about 3 years ago. What I enjoyed most about it was the intense and diverse training. Other than that, I had no history of sports while growing up.

Although I have accomplished a lot in life I still struggled with being tired, overweight and just unhappy with myself physically. On a random day in August 2015 I made the decision to stop at the gym. I met Matthew Davis and told him I wanted to try Crossfit. Not missing a beat Matt encouraged me to join a class the following day. I showed up in my old Adidas pants, 4 year old running shoes, and a desire to make a change. Thanks to Matt’s encouragement, excellent coaching and fellow Igneous classmates encouragement I continued to come back and get stronger. Over time, these “classmates” became friends and now feel like family.

It is now nine months after I began at Crossfit Igneous and I am proud to call myself a part of Team Igneous. I look and feel GREAT and I now have the courage to follow my childhood dream to become a firefighter!

If you are considering making a change for the better come on out and meet the team at Crossfit Igneous and become Igneous Strong.

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