My passion as a trainer comes from the pursuit of helping others change their lives for the better. It is my goal at CrossFit Igneous to create an environment of like minded individuals who thrive off being the best version of themselves they can be. Growing up in Houston Texas, I was no stranger fitness. I have lived a life surrounded by athletics and know what it means to push the limits physically as well as mentally. At CrossFit Igneous I hope to surround you with a team willing to push their limits and motivate those around them because at our box, we are a family that is only as strong as our weakest link, and I truly believe that. Athletes at CrossFit Igneous range in all skills and abilities, but it is my job to make sure that every one of you leaves our box fulfilled and wanting more. Being your coach is a privilege, and I cant wait to watch our family grow.



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I first discovered CrossFit in 2012, while attending Texas A&M University. After several months of doing my WOD’s in a friends storage unit, I was hooked.

Upon graduation, work took me to Tomball, TX where I joined my first box. The energy and camaraderie were enough to make me stay, but seeing the results and passion expelled through excellent coaching made me want to be a part of people’s journeys. I like seeing the changes in people’s life that happens as they commit to a healthy lifestyle and work hard, day in and day out. I genuinely love to motivate and encourage people, even on the hard days. Not every day will be golden, but the people at Igneous do everything possible to make it pretty close… and that’s why I’m proud to be a part of the team! So now, as a stay at home mom to a one-year old girl (Co-coach Ruth), I find joy in helping people improve their everyday life by reaching their goals!


I am somewhat new to Texas but love everything about it. My husband and I grew up in the mountains of Washington State and I love anything outdoors and adventurous. I have a background in gymnastics and I played collegiate level volleyball. I have 4 beautiful children who are my whole world and keep me very busy! In early 2010, I joined a few friends in the corner of a local garage-style gym who followed CrossFit main site workouts. I knew after my first “WOD” that CrossFit was for me and never looked back. That group of friends grew fast and eventually became an affiliate in 2012. Since then, I have successfully obtained my Crossfit level 1 certification and I truly enjoy helping athletes not only reach their goals, but surpass them! CrossFit is a passion and a hobby of mine, and I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can do it no matter their age or skill level. It is an honor and privilege getting to show up to the gym everyday and see our members strive to reach new goals, forge friendships, and become better people. I have had the opportunity of having multiple “home gyms” through the years of moving for work but I can honestly say I’m blessed to call Crossfit Igneous my forever home! The community is second to none and we are all each other’s biggest supporters. The welcoming atmosphere is what draws you in, but the people are what makes you stay! If I am not in the gym, I am busy being mom and probably driving around my 4 children between dance, gymnastics, cheer, soccer, and Boy Scouts!


Three years ago I walked into CrossFit Igneous and immediately felt at home. Because of that, coaching became a passion! I love being a part of the Igneous team, watching athlete after athlete meet and exceed their goals!

I love to compete and build my skills so I can pass it onto our hard-working athletes.


Growing up an athlete and being involved in all kinds of sports, fitness and competition was always a part of life for me. But like most people, after college, work began, life happened, and I could not find anything that was fun, enjoyable, and competitive enough to keep my fitness in check. That is, until I bit the bullet and tried out CrossFit at Igneous. It was a little intimidating stepping into the box for the first time… but that intimidation was immediately taken away as I was welcomed, so well coached, encouraged, and always challenged. I was hooked once I started getting stronger, seeing phenomenal results, and hitting new skills that I couldn’t do before! I was a Junior High girls’ basketball, volleyball, and track coach for 7 years so I have a passion for coaching and decided to take my shot at coaching CrossFit! My goal is to create an environment where the athlete is constantly challenged to develop his/her skill level while receiving encouragement and support! I am currently a 5th and 6th grade PE coach as well and love to incorporate some of the functional fitness we practice at CrossFit in my PE program at school!


I joined Crossfit about 8 years ago and have been coaching for 5 with a Crossift Level 1 and a USAW certification. Prior to Crossfit I was an amatuer boxer for nearly 10 years and a certified USABoxing coach. I quit boxing after college and sort of wandered around the globo gyms for a few years getting fat. Finally, I discovered Crossfit from an article in Men’s Fitness magazine. In the article they were talking about doing a workout called Murph that starts with a mile run and 100 pull ups. I thought “Well that sounds brutal, but it’s better than what I’m doing right now.” I joined Bayou City Crossfit the next week. What I love most about Crossfit is no matter how much I train, there is always some new skill to unlock or a way to improve upon what I’ve learned. I could never master all of it in my lifetime. What I love about coaching Crossfit is the opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful way that goes beyond the superficial “Hey, what’s up?” I want to know what motivates you to show up and train. I want to be as familiar with your goals and expectations as you are. Being part of a strong community is crucial to me so please know that I plan on doing everything I can to earn my place in yours. I view CF Igneous as a new home and in time, a new family.

Outside of the gym I work for Klein ISD as a special education teacher at the Klein Annex. I have a wife who also teaches and a daughter in college. The three of us are passionate about travel, fitness, and dogs. We currently have two Shih Tzu’s but may end up adopting more soon. All of us volunteer and contribute to the Houston SPCA. My greatest vice is sugar. Like many people nowadays I struggle with sugar addiction. I’m currently writing a book on the subject so I can share some of the strategies that work for me and hopefully help others to end the cycles of relapse and recovery. WELL! That’s probably all there is you need to know about me. Oh yeah, as you can probably tell from this long bio I also love to write. If you want to learn more about me you can read my blog www.shihtzusandburpees.com where I share some pretty frank articles about my personal life. Feel free to friend me on Facebook. Also, don’t be afraid to just come up and ask me anything. As stated before, I can’t wait to get to know all of you. See you at the box!


I first fell in love with Crossfit in graduate school in 2013 at College Station Crossfit and have continued since I moved to Houston that same year. After a year of learning about the sport, I decided to become certified and started coaching in 2014. As my interest continued to grow in weightlifting, I later aspired and received my USA weightlifting certification in 2017. Full time I work at Airrosti doing physical therapy and enjoy merging this with my love of coaching and lifting. I have a beautiful family that keeps me very busy but I hope that my passion and dedication for sport transfers into their lives as well.


I have been an athlete my entire life. Baseball, football, basketball, track and field, powerlifting, golf and pretty much any other sport. My passion in life is making lasting connections with other people. I enjoy pushing the limits of my potential on a daily basis. I believe people should be a better version of theirselves everyday. Powerlifting was my favorite sport from a child. I powerlifted through high school and at Texas A&M. After college we moved to the Houston area for work. I had been doing CrossFit for a year or so when I walked into Igneous. This box transformed my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I was hooked by the first week. The energy, atmosphere and community. I have grown as a man, an athlete, a family member and a friend. I was unable to do many of the movements when I walked into Igneous a year later I am able to do all of them and now coaching. Change is real and obtainable just put in the work!

CrossFit is for everyone and I am blessed that I get to spend time with amazing people coaching it. I have a wonderful family and we take every form of health as a cornerstone in our daily lives.



My fitness journey has actually been all over the place! For starters, I was a collegiate volleyball player at Texas State University. Once that chapter of my life had come to a close I knew I still needed something to keep me active and harness that competitive spirit. Olympic lifting and CrossFit came in to my life right around the same time, and I have never looked back.

I graduated from Texas State University May of 2017 with a bachelors in Exercise Sports Science and NASM personal training certification. I have competed at a high level in Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit competitions, and an NFF bikini competition. I believe fitness is a love language and it benefits people to try as many different avenues as possible until you find what ignites you.

My love for coaching stems from my desire to watch people achieve more than they thought possible. To be able to see an obstacle in the way and learn how to overcome it. At igneous you get the chance to conquer yourself daily and I am honored to be a key part of that process.

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