Ignite the Fire Within!

Welcome to CrossFit Igneous, your Elite CrossFit box located in the heart of Tomball, TX!

ig·ne·ous – (of rock) having solidified from lava or magma

Opened by local owners in 2015, CrossFit Igneous saw many ways to improve the CrossFit and gym experience. Start with friendly, welcoming and experienced coaches, add workouts that can be scaled or amplified for every fitness level, have plenty of space and top of the line equipment that can not be beat and add people and an environment that welcomes everyone. These were just the starting goals in making CrossFit Igneous THE ELITE box in the area.

Our goal is simple: provide the best coaching, location, equipment and motivation to help you build that solid physique you have always wanted.

Whether you are a beginning or an elite athlete, a high school student or a senior, we have the staff, experience and motivation you need to reach your goals!

Come in for our FREE Saturday WOD (workout of the day) at 8:30am and see for yourself why we are the fastest CrossFit box in the area!

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The word of our Head Coach

When you step foot into our facility you instantly become family! Our welcoming community of members, knowledgeable and experienced coaches, excellent programming, top notch facility and equipment are what make Igneous who we are! We are not like any other gym who will just throw you into the fire on your first day. We work with EACH and every client carefully to assess their individual physical capabilities and/or injuries in order to design the best workout for each person! We will teach you all the proper form and technique of all that is CrossFit in order to ensure your safety and help you accomplish your goals! You are in GREAT hands with us! We genuinely care about you and your journey to a healthier lifestyle! We will be right there with you the whole way, pushing you to be the best you can be! CrossFit is for ALL kinds of people, big and small, young (14+) and old, never worked out a day in your life or the seasoned athlete! Igneous can be your home! The world is a little crazy right now but you can rest easy coming in and having your OWN personal workout space to socially distance yourself from others in the gym. ALL equipment is sanitized after EVERY use as well! It is NEVER too late to start, what do you have to lose!?? Come on in for a FREE WEEK trial, you won’t be disappointed! Click the link to get started, we can’t wait to see you!!!

Coach Matt

Owner, Head Coach

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