My passion as a trainer comes from the pursuit of helping others change their lives for the better. It is my goal at CrossFit Igneous to create an environment of like minded individuals who thrive off being the best version of themselves they can be. Growing up in Houston Texas, I was no stranger fitness. I have lived a life surrounded by athletics and know what it means to push the limits physically as well as mentally. At CrossFit Igneous I hope to surround you with a team willing to push their limits and motivate those around them because at our box, we are a family that is only as strong as our weakest link, and I truly believe that. Athletes at CrossFit Igneous range in all skills and abilities, but it is my job to make sure that every one of you leaves our box fulfilled and wanting more. Being your coach is a privilege, and I cant wait to watch our family grow!

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  • Natalie Mabry COACH

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    Bio coming soon

  • Lyndsey Parks

    My love for CrossFit began when I did my first WOD out of a small storage unit in College Station, TX while attending Texas A&M University. I immediately realized how fun working out could be and knew then that I couldn’t go back to anything different. I have a background in gymnastics and loved the incorporation of movements I was familiar with as well as learning new techniques such as Olympic lifting. After years of seeing myself and those around me PR major lifts and benchmark WOD’s, I knew I wanted to be a part of those improvements. I genuinely care about meeting new people, learning their stories, discovering their goals, and helping be a part of the solution in reaching those goals. When not coaching, you can find me “Flying the Friendly Skies” as a Stewardess. Stop by this week, I can’t wait to meet you!

  • Bryan Disdier

    My interest in Crossfit first came when watching the Crossfit Games on ESPN. I was intrigued with these people that all looked like the cast members from the movie 300. The following Monday I went to my big box gym and tried to overhead squat 135 pounds, after watching them do 300 pounds plus, and failed miserably. I had a good friend that started to do Crossfit and tried to convince me to join him for months, that was almost 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back. Since doing Crossfit I have realized that it is more than looking like a cast member from the movie 300. To me it is about learning your limitations and training to go way beyond those limitations and doing it with like minded people that push you through those walls. I got certified to train, teach, and help people push themselves past their comfort levels unlocking new skill sets and physical abilities. I love to see the looks on our athletes faces when I or our other coaches help them achieve something they didn’t think was possible. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and challenging you to be better every day.

  • Melissa Days

    In early 2010, I joined a few friends in the corner of a local garage-style gym who followed CrossFit main site workouts. I knew after my first “WOD” that CrossFit was for me and never looked back. That group of friends grew fast and eventually became an affiliate in 2012. Since, I have successfully obtained my Crossfit level 1 certification and I truly enjoy helping our athletes reach their goals. I grew up in the mountains of Washington State and love anything outdoors and adventurous. I have a background in gymnastics and played collegiate level volleyball. CrossFit is a passion and a hobby of mine, and I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can do it no matter what their end goal is. It is an honor and privilege getting to show up to the gym everyday and see our members strive to reach new goals, forge friendships, and become better people. If I’m not in the gym I am busy driving around my 4 beautiful children between dance, gymnastics and soccer!